I’m cheating a bit…

I started “A Flash of Cochineal” a while ago, but didn’t apply myself to NaNoWriMo in either 2015 or 2016. I have no excuses, simply a lack of will. This year, I’ve planned a little more, though what good that’s going to do, I don’t know, my characters seem to get away from me at times.

This year’s effort involves Dex, Claire and more intricately, Dex’s new beau Mark, who finds a young woman, strongly resembling the subject of a Gilded Age portrait, strangely attractive.

Each plot involves a physical location in Chester County, and for 2017 I’m using a serpentine mansion, originally built for a wealthy local businessman before the Civil War, but enlarged and updated to Victorian magnificence by a Philadelphia magnate in 1878. There’s a tragedy attached to this house, and Dex must unravel the threads from both the 21st century and the 19th century to reveal the “Flash of Cochineal”.