I started “A Flash of Cochineal” a while ago, but didn’t apply myself to NaNoWriMo in either 2015 or 2016. I have no excuses, simply a lack of will. This year, I’ve planned a little more, though what good that’s going to do, I don’t know, my characters seem to get away from me at times.

This year’s effort involves Dex, Claire and more intricately, Dex’s new beau Mark, who finds a young woman, strongly resembling the subject of a Gilded Age portrait, strangely attractive.

Each plot involves a physical location in Chester County, and for 2017 I’m using a serpentine mansion, originally built for a wealthy local businessman before the Civil War, but enlarged and updated to Victorian magnificence by a Philadelphia magnate in 1878. There’s a tragedy attached to this house, and Dex must unravel the threads from both the 21st century and the 19th century to reveal the “Flash of Cochineal”.


One thought on “I’m cheating a bit…

  1. sounds interesting. AJ (my author/creator/goddess) always says I have a mind of my own (groans) and I never follow the plan. But as long as you have a plan to pull you back when the writing gets hard you will do great. Seems to be AJ’s go to advice.

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